Perception, satisfaction and utilization of the VALUE home telehealth service

Finkelstein SM, Speedie SM, Zhou X, Potthoff S, Ratner ER. Journal of Telemedicine & Telecare, 2011, vol./is. 17/6(288-92), 1357-633X;1758-1109 (2011). Abstract We conducted a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the perception, satisfaction and utilization of a home telehealth service for frail elderly people living independently in their home communities.

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One walk a year to 1000 within a year: continuous in-home unobtrusive gait assessment of older adults.

Kaye J, Mattek N, Dodge H, Buracchio T, Austin D, Hagler S, Pavel M, Hayes T. Gait & Posture, February 2012, vol./is. 35/2(197-202), 0966-6362;1879-2219. Abstract Physical performance measures predict health and function in older populations. Walking speed in particular has consistently predicted morbidity and mortality.

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Evaluation of Accelerometer-Based Fall Detection Algorithms on Real-World Falls

Fabio Bagalà, Clemens Becker, Angelo Cappello, Lorenzo Chiari, Kamiar Aminian, Jeffrey M. Hausdorff, Wiebren Zijlstra, Jochen Klenk. PLoS ONE 7(5): e37062. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0037062. Abstract Despite extensive preventive efforts, falls continue to be a major source of morbidity and mortality among elderly. Real-time detection of falls and their urgent communication to a telecare center may enable rapid […]

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European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing

The European Commission has identified active and healthy ageing as a major societal challenge common to all European countries, and an area which presents considerable potential for Europe to lead the world in providing innovative responses to this challenge. The conference “European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing: From Plan to Action” covered issues […]

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