eHealth Action Plan

The action plan – a joint initiative of Vice President Neelie Kroes and Commissioner Tonio Borg – is a roadmap for smart and sustainable healthcare in Europe which:
•       Addresses barriers that are holding back the full use of digital solutions in healthcare systems
•       Increases digital awareness and skills among patients, citizens and healthcare professionals
•       Clarifies areas of legal uncertainty in e-health and improves interoperability between systems
•       Puts patients at the centre with measures to promote personal health management and the organisation of health systems, support for research into personalised medicine so that benefits can be passed on to future generations
•       Gives eHealth SMEs a helping-hand through initiatives which will lead to free legal advice for start-ups 
The Commission has also issued a legal overview clarifying the issues a healthcare practitioner would face when providing telemedicine services cross-border. Please follow the link for further information:

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