FARSEEING at the EU Clustering Event

On 26-27th September the EU Clustering Event “Ambient Intelligence Advanced Technologies in Support of Healthcare and Assisted Living” was held in Heraklion (Crete) at the Foundation for Research & Technology.


The aim of the clustering event was to bring together European projects for demonstrations, presentations of innovative solutions, and discussions of potential synergies and cooperation. A total of 25 projects shared experiences, ideas and vision on Assisted Living from different thematic perspectives in a multidisciplinary setting (about 15% of the participants were clinicians). A special seminar was organized on the topic “Falls prevention and management” and chaired by Andreu Catala and Nick Guldemond. Various projects and partners from the EIP-AHA A2 Action Group participated and had a had a great contribution to whole discussion on Assisted Living, implementation and upscaling:

Farseeing represented by Lorenzo Chiari, Università di Bologna, Italy Lorenzo gave a 20 minute talk provided an excellent presentation on better prediction, identification and prevention of falls with a focus on ICT devices and the unique proactive opportunities they can provide to older adults to support them in their own environment: http://farseeingresearch.eu

Fate represented by Joan Cabestany, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain Joan presented an overview of the FATE system which is intended to be the first affordable and reliable system capable of detecting falls both inside and outside home: http://fate.upc.edu/project

I-Dont-Fall represented by Gianna Tsakou, SingularLogic S.A., Greece Gianna presented the I-Dont-Fall project which is aimed to the deployment, piloting and evaluation of a range of innovative technological solutions for fall detection and prevention management: http://www.idontfall.eu

Thematic Network e-NO-FALLS represented by Andreu Catala, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain Andreu provided an overview of e-NO-FALLS which is aimed at the integration and bringing together knowledge, experiences and best practices acquired at European and international level in the area of fall prevention, intervention and safety: http://www.e-nofalls.eu/index.php

The Falls seminar showed the synergy between the projects on the integration of care and technology in different settings and regions across the EU.


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