FARSEEING presented to journalists in Cologne


Wiebren April14At German Sport University Cologne, the two EU-funded research projects FARSEEING and iStoppFalls were presented by Professor Wiebren Zijlstra (FARSEEING, German Sport University) and Dr. Rainer Wieching (iStoppFalls, University of Siegen) to 20 Journalists of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.




Tobi April14

The purpose of the journalist’s tour was to inform the general population afterwards about research through European funding. In cooperation with other European partners, the German Sport University is involved in the development of new methods and means to predict, prevent and evaluate falls in older persons. Therefore, information and communication technology (ICT) is a main ingredient of these projects.



iTUG April14

In a short demo unit, Tobias Morat and Eleftheria Gioanoulli (FARSEEING, German Sport University) demonstrated the FARSEEING app “uTUG” to measure different gait parameters during the execution of the standardized Timed Up and Go Test. Michael Kroll (iStoppFalls, German Sports University) showed different exergames, developed within iStoppFalls.


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