FARSEEING present at ISPGR 2014

Members of the FARSEEING consortium presented our work at the International Society for Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR) annual meeting from 29th June to 3rd July 2014.



Nina Skjaeret from NTNU chaired a symposium: ‘Exergaming in the elderly for fall risk and prevention: Challenges and future directions’. This included a presentation from Alan Bourke from EPFL on the ‘Challenges of developing an inertial sensor based stepping game’.



Stefania ISPGR

Lorenzo ISPGR

Chris Todd from the University of Manchester chaired a symposium: ‘Uncovering real-life falls’ including presentations from Stefania Bandinelli from ASF: ‘Why 2 out of 3 older adults in the community do not fall. The FARSEEING – InCHIANTI study'; Lorenzo Chiari from the project co-ordinator University of Bologna: ‘What we’ve learned by recording falls with wearable inertial sensors’; and Clemens Becker from RBK: ‘What are the major knowledge gaps that we still need to fill in falls research?’


An oral presentation was also given by Pierpaolo Palumbo from the University of Bologna: ‘Development and validation of a fall risk assessment tool from the In-CHIANTI study’.


Poster presentations were given by:

Lorenzo Chiari ‘FRAT-Up, a web-based assessment tool for evaluating fall risk in the elderly’.

Jochen Klenk ‘Are falls related to daily activity? Preliminary results of a comparative investigation in neurogeriatric high risk groups’.

Lars Schwickert ‘Tools and methods for posture and gait analysis’.

Alan Bourke ‘Temporal and kinematic parameters of real falls recorded from older adults using accelerometers attached to the lower back’.

Nina Skjaeret ‘Exergaming for fall risk reduction: Investigating older players’ movement characteristics’.


Images courtesy of ISPGR


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