FARSEEING present at the Norwegian Welfare Technology Conference (VELKON2014) in Trondheim/Stjørdal

Ather Nawaz presented about FARSEEING’s fall alarm solution at the Norwegian Welfare Technology Conference (VELKON2014) in Trondheim/Stjørdal. The presentation was given in the form of storytelling in the exhibition area of conference. The project was presented six times to groups of 5-6 people. The concept of story telling is inspired by speed dating, where the presenter has  the opportunity to give a brief mini presentation about the project, services and solutions.

VELKON is a Norwegian annual national conference that brings together individuals, businesses and organizations that work in  welfare technology. VELKON has established itself as a major national conference.Welfare Technological solutions requires cooperation between many parties. Therefore the target audience for VELKON are the stakeholders from local government, health, education, research, industry and government.
For further information please go to:  velferdsteknologikonferansen.no
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