FARSEEING presents its results at the jointly hosted European Union Falls Festival

The achievements of the FARSEEING project were presented and celebrated at the first European Union. Falls Festival (EUFF), held at the Robert Bosch Krankenhaus, in Stuttgart on the 24th and 25th March 2015. The EUFF was organised by the FARSEEING project, in partnership with the ProFouND thematic network and was sponsored by E-NO FALLS, WIISEL and the European Innovation Partnership for Active and Healthy Ageing. As such, the reach was broad including the scientific, health and social care, and business communities. Over 200 delegates attended the Festival. Overall, the feedback on FARSEEING results was extremely positive and delegates felt that the event gave ‘a good overview on state-of-the-art in the field off fall detection, fall risk assessment and fall prevention‘. The response was generally that our results gave some very practical results that could start to be adopted in practice as well as providing opportunity to plan further research and collaboration in this area. Please go to the EUFF website (http://www.eufallsfest.eu/) for further details on the programme and watch this space for access to some of the FARSEEING presentations!


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