BTicino Spa

Bticino spa supports the development of sw customized application for smartphone that allows interoperability among home system platform, clinical devices and people. Supporting the development for customized Bticino SDK devices (i.e. touch screen and web server) to add specific features for the FARSEEING project.

BTicino, a division of Legrand Group, is one of the most important manufacturers in the world in the field of low‐voltage electrical equipment for living, working and production spaces, that integrate solutions for energy distribution, communication (audio and video door entry systems) and for the control of lighting, sound distribution, climate and safety. BTicino has been successful in taking advantage of particular specificities of the Italian entrepreneurial model, blending global quality, flexibility and “know‐how” with the idea of innovation and sustainable development. BTicino’s collection is based today on a system of home & building automation, where each component is designed to ensure superior levels of compatibility with the many devices and systems in the spaces, in order to simplify, and make managing everyday activities more flexible and economical. Focusing on home automation (domotic), Bticino has a complete offer called “My Home” is Using My Home you will get the most advanced system and a wide range of solutions from which to choose

(security, energy saving, temperature regulation, lighting, etc.). My Home devices / solutions / offer can be customized and can interoperate with other thanks to Bticino open “philosophy” based on Open Web Net language. Thanks to Open Web Net language (www.myopen‐ everyone can customize functionalities and can add value to home automation.

Enrico Valtolina
Lorenzo Pini