Noemalife Spa

Noemalife spa‘s role in the FARSEEING project will focus on data collection from heterogeneous sources (including sensors) and their processing, as well as data interoperability across the different platforms constituting the overall system. They will also contribute to such data storage in a meta-database about falls, as well as the analysis of data on fall risks.

NoemaLife is an Italian‐German group whose core mission is the enhancement of clinical processes through workflow automation and process management. NoemaLife helps its customers to improve their workflows and processes as well as to increase their operational efficiency through the expertise and cutting edge technology it possesses as a Strategic Partner. With over 1,000 implementations in healthcare facilities and more than 400 employed professionals, NoemaLife is the leading vendor of clinical and hospital information technology solutions in Italy and a major player across Europe. Over 100,000 Hospital Doctors, General Practice Doctors, Nurses and Healthcare operators globally are using NoemaLife solutions: over 600,000,000 tests are produced using our solutions each year, over 1,000 Healthcare Facilities use NoemaLife products.

NoemaLife has implemented its solutions across the healthcare spectrum: Integrated Process Management in 285 healthcare facilities, Specialty solutions in 41 specialty departments, Departmental Solutions in 28 Emergency Departments, Radiology and Imaging Solutions in 25 Radiology Departments, Laboratory Solutions in 506 Test Laboratories and 127 Microbiology Laboratories, Anatomic Pathology Solutions in 84 Anatomic Pathology Departments.

Michele Carenini