SINTEF will be involved in WP5 and will participate in the development of the telemedicine services in this work package. In particular SINTEF will employ and adapt the service platform and reference architecture from the IST IP universAAL project to be used in FARSEEING. SINTEF will also bring in expertise in the area of software architectures, AAL platforms, information security and privacy into the project.

SINTEF is an independent research foundation based in Trondheim and Oslo, Norway. SINTEF specializes in contract research for industry and the public sector in Norway and internationally in technologies and sciences. SINTEF has an extensive track record in technology start‐ups and other innovation‐related ventures. SINTEF is the largest independent R&D organisation in the Nordic countries, employing around 1700 people. SINTEF is actively involved in the ICT and elderly, AAL and eInclusion scene both in Europe and internationally. A particular area of speciality for SINTEF is architectures and tools for e‐health, eInclusion and AAL.

Professor Babak Farshchian