User perspectives and psychological aspects about ICT technologies for “ageing well” (WP2)

The central aim of WP2 is to identify users’ perceptions about technologies aimed both to monitor and reduce risks of falls and to improve independent living. The investigation will initially address available technologies and will then expand, in synergy with WP7, to the novel candidate technologies for self‐adaptive interventions. In particular we will:

  • Characterise the different technologies and consider the implications of these for different study designs and outcomes.
  • Review critically the current state of knowledge about how older people and other stakeholders view existing and emerging technologies and their preferences for such technologies in detection and prevention of falls and promotion of independence.
  • Where evidence is sparse undertake stakeholder consultations.
  • Evaluate potential solutions to barriers created by the issues identified, and synthesise the findings of the reviews and stakeholder consultations to develop guidelines for best practice in developing and implementing ICT technologies in the area of fall prevention and promotion of independent living, including novel, self‐adaptive environments.

Lead Partner: University of Manchester