WP6: Knowledge acquisition, consolidation and generalisation about falls through a meta‐database

The main objective of WP6 is to earn, consolidate and generalise knowledge about real falls. Instrumental to these objectives is the building of a newly established repository for fall data which aims to collect at least 200 real‐world falls measured with sensor technology, hence becoming the world’s largest and richest repository of objective real fall data. The primary outcome of this WP will be a dynamic fall risk model in order to assign an evidence‐based risk profile to each user. The subsequent activities will be carried out to accomplish this goal:

  • Define a data format and build up a meta‐database to collect a reasonable number of falls (more than 200).
  • Build up a network of experts in this field willing to share knowledge and data.
  • Collect data and signals through the monitoring of high‐risk subjects and fit elderly people.
  • Develop signal processing methods and novel algorithms for the assessment of daily living activities and of health status.
  • Define an evidence‐based fall risk model using advanced data mining and reasoning techniques.

Lead Partner: Bosch Gesellschaft fuer Medizinische Forschung

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