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The latest information from the FARSEEING project

Sensor networks for the elderly

This latest article in BBC news talks about the use of sensors for older adults with dementia and also those at risk of falls. Work carried out by researchers at the University of Manchester on a ‘Magic Carpet’ which could be used for falls detection is discussed! For further information please follow the link:

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Innovation in supporting people at risk of falling

The Health, Design & Technology Institute (HDTI) at Coventry University, and the West Midlands Regional Telehealthcare Network and Warwickshire PCT were funded by NHS West Midlands to evaluate the use of fall detectors in the West Midlands. The project found that there is a lack of knowledge amongst the public and healthcare professionals, which can […]

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Research and Development in Assistive Technology

The UK’s annual Parliamentary report on research and development in assistive technology has been published on the Department of Health website.  The report mentions a range of projects both in the UK and wider, including FARSEEING! Follow the link to find out more:

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