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The latest information from the FARSEEING project

Active I project

Active I – Healthy Active Living for seniors What is the project about? European society is ageing fast. Although people are now living longer, they are facing health problems that can be prevented by leading a healthier lifestyle. Participation in regular physical activity, keeping good nutrition habits, and leading a psychologically enriched life can delay […]

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Dr Helen Hawley-Hague presents on motivating older adults to take-up and maintain exercise and the delivery of evidence based strength and balance programmes

Dr Helen Hawley-Hague presents at the Centre for Hip Health and Mobility, Vancouver about promoting older adults uptake and adherence to exercise classes and the delivery of evidence based strength and balance programmes. She also talks about her new NIHR Fellowship study which will be using FARSEEING Smartphone technology! To see a video of her presentation […]

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ProFouND Stay Strong Stay Steady Campaign – EU Flash Mob

On International Older Person’s Day (1st October 2015) the Prevention of Falls Network for Dissemination (ProFouND) consortium with members throughout Europe (including members of FARSEEING) delivered flash mobs and/or took part in strength and balance exercise classes to raise awareness of falls prevention.  For more information and to see the final video go to:

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Dr Helen Hawley-Hague presents in Vancouver on the 22nd September about exercise adherence and the use of the FARSEEING Smartphone system

VISITING SCHOLAR LECTURE Promoting older adults’ uptake and adherence to community exercise programs and evidence based strength and balance programs for falls prevention Dr. Helen Hawley-Hague will discuss how characteristics of exercise instructors, the group and individuals influence adherence to exercise classes for older people. She will also explore how evidence based strength and balance […]

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