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Details of public events and concertation meetings attended

FARSEEING presented to journalists in Cologne

  At German Sport University Cologne, the two EU-funded research projects FARSEEING and iStoppFalls were presented by Professor Wiebren Zijlstra (FARSEEING, German Sport University) and Dr. Rainer Wieching (iStoppFalls, University of Siegen) to 20 Journalists of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.       The purpose of the journalist’s tour was to inform the general population afterwards about […]

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FARSEEING at MobEx 2014 Cologne

The work of the FARSEEING partners was presented at the MobEx (Mobility and Exercise) meeting on 17th and 18th January in Cologne. The meeting was hosted by the Deutsche Sporthochschule (DSHS) Köln, at the Institute of Sport Gerontology. Presentations were given by researchers from DSHS, EPFL, NTNU, RBMF, the University of Bologna and the University […]

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