Public Deliverables

Deliverables for public dissemination:


D2.1 and D2.3 are the deliverables relating to the development of the FARSEEING Taxonomy of Technologies:

FARSEEING Taxonomy of Technologies V4

More information about the FARSEEING Taxonomy


D2.2 is the systematic review of older adults’ perceptions of technologies, published in the International Journal of Medical Informatics:

Follow this link for more detail about this review and a further link to the published paper: Systematic Review.


D2.4 and D2.5 are the Guidelines for the design and implementation of technologies:

Follow this link for more detail about these guidelines and to download a PDF version of our recommendations: FARSEEING Guidelines.


D5.1 is a report on telemedicine service models:

A report on the rationale behind, and description of telemedicine models to be developed through the project within the areas of detection of real falls, assessment of risk of falling and exercise guidance, and description of how the universAAL platform can be developed to fit the needs of a telemedicine service platform in the FARSEEING project.

Deliverable D5.1


D6.1 is the paper on the development of a Standard Fall Data Format:

Follow this link to view the published paper: Standard Fall Data Format


D8.4 The White Paper on the interim results of the FARSEEING project:

The white paper presents a series of issues which the FARSEEING project aims to tackle and then provides the recommended solutions for these issues, if available, or the work that has been done so far by the project to respond to each issue.

The paper is available for download here: FARSEEING Interim Project Results.

The key issues are:

· Having the correct infrastructure to collect data on real-life falls and therefore establishing what real-life falls look like.

· Establishing the longitudinal risk factors for falls.

· Establishing effective telemedicine models to enable effective intervention.

· Establishing how we encourage older adults to take-up and maintain use of technologies.

· Establishing how we can we use technologies to challenge older adults and prevent falls.

The FARSEEING project is currently able to provide recommendations relating to data collection and data storage on real-life falls, as well as providing information on the infrastructure and design of interventions using technologies to predict, monitor and prevent falls and promote healthy active ageing.


Further deliverables to be made public following the final review meeting with the EC on 20th May include:

D7.4 Outcome evaluation of the self-adaptive intervention

D8.5 Second White Paper: Project Results FARSEEING Project Results D8.5 Final

D8.6 FARSEEING achievements conference (report on the European Falls Festival) FARSEEING Achievements Conference Report D8.6 Final

D9.5 Report on the specific target impact indicators assigned by the EC http:// http://
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